Note Seller Customer Testimonials

"John was personal and professional from my initial contact to the final sale of my note. He explained note buying and reinforced certain points of protection for me as the seller. I felt very comfortable in my initial contact after searching online for a note buyer as his web site was direct, clear and understandable. I did review everything John explained and proposed with my own attorney and was advised he was accurate on all counts. John was very thorough and kept me updated as to the process right up to completion. I am very happy with my results and highly recommend John Avenia." - S. Piantedosi, Portland, ME

I’m very sorry this didn’t work out. You have been more than helpful in trying to sell this thing and I’ve been impressed with both your professionalism and kindness.
- Jennifer Cornish, West Palm Beach, FL
I just wanted to let you know I signed all the paperwork at the title company. I want to thank you for all you did to make this transaction happen so smoothly. You are a true professional. Thank you
- L. Hanaway

"Hi John, Just wanted to let you know we closed the deal late yesterday afternoon as planned. The funds were transferred to our account today  9/5/2014. Thanks for an honest and easy deal. Best," - Aaron

I just received the e-mail and wire. I want to thank you for all of your help. You have been all I could hope for. Thank you again.
- J. Pattno, AuSable Forks, NY
It was such a pleasure to do business with a company like yours. I don’t receive personal service like you provided in my hometown. Hope you enjoy the wine.
- S. and B. Hampton, Hermann, MO

The Mortgage Buyer, President

Thank you for personally handling our difficult sale. Your attention to detail made everything go smoothly.
- L. Smith, Sunset Beach, NC

John, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful and awesome job you’re doing for me.
- Joe

Your partial purchase plan was quick, easy and completely solved my problem. I actually enjoyed our transaction. Thanks!
- P. Ponga, Yonkers, NY

"My grandfather had recently passed and my Grandmother needed the cash up front and didn't want the burden of holding a mortgage. The price we received was much higher than other companies. They personally helped every step of the way and made it easy for me and my Grandmother. Settlement was a breeze as well. Thanks for all of the help and a quick turnaround!"
- T. Nusspickel, Garnet Valley, PA

President, John A Avenia, The Mortgage Buyer, Inc

I’m very big on quality service and I can say that working with John at The Mortgage Buyer, Inc. was a professional experience from start to finish. Pricing was fair and no surprises which goes a long way in making a seamless transaction possible. Looking forward to our next deal together.
- PJ, Jones Equities, LLC

"I did my research and your purchase price far exceeded all other offers I received. Thank you."
- J. Gagliardi, Provincetown, MA

"Dear John, The closing went very well and we couldn’t be more pleased. Selling our note will help with so many things. We appreciate how quickly you were able to close our transaction and how honest you were to work with. At our age working with someone over the internet was a bit scary, but we made the right choice and couldn’t be happier. Thank you."
- Bill and Sally G., Klamath Falls, OR

"Everything went through on this end today without a hitch. Thank you very much for the fast and professional service. It was a pleasure doing business with you. If I have another note to sell, you will be the first person I contact. Highest regards,"
- T. Chamberlain, Miraga, CA

Although we never met, my husband and I felt secure every step of the way. Your honesty was greatly appreciated and we will recommend you highly.
- M. Costello, Hurley, NY
I can't thank you enough for being as honest as possible and for doing all that you could. I appreciate your integrity more than you know. Again I thank you for handling our situation as timely as possible.
- C. Witte, Dickinson, TX

"Please accept my heart-felt appreciation for your personal attention. I did not feel like I was in a "take a number and have a seat" kind of place. I can pay off our high interest debts, and have a bit left over for our future."
- M. Sanblise, Salem, OR

Hey John, just confirming I did receive the wire transfer. Thanks again for the wonderful job you did. Your professional manner inspired confidence in me from the very beginning. I never once thought you might “drop the ball". All my best to you, and my best wishes for continued success in your business as well.
- Sara

John A Avenia, President, The Mortgage Buyer, Inc

Dear John, we are done. I received the wire transfer today and just wanted to thank you once again for your professional work on my note and constant interaction keeping me updated. My trust was well-placed. I would recommend you whole-heartedly. Thanks again...Snowing like crazy here!
- Cynthia, Nashua, NH

"It was nice doing business with you as well. Thanks for the great job! Good luck with everything!"
- K. Cavalieri