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Welcome to The Mortgage Buyer, one of the nation’s premier private note, mortgage, deed of trust and land contract buyers. Over our 27-year history John and Heidi have done business with the utmost of integrity, making us one of the most respected and accomplised note buyers in the country.

John A. Avenia, The Mortgage Buyer, President

John A. Avenia, President
Toll free: (800) 618-2485

Heidi Cooper, Director of Acquisitions

Heidi Cooper, Director of Acquisitions
Toll free: (844) 999-9878

If you would like to receive a no cost, no obligation purchase proposal for your note or contract please contact John or Heidi, or take a few moments to complete our quote request form. Doing so will allow us to evaluate your investment and present you with our best purchase offer. We appreciate your visit and will be in touch shortly to discuss our purchase proposal with you.

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