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Sell A Commercial Mortgage Note

Exploring your options for selling a commercial mortgage? If so, this website will give you the information needed to confidently make the best decision about selling your commercial mortgage note. We will show you how commercial notes are sold, how they are valued and how to receive the best sale price if you decide to sell your note. Our company offers twenty years of experience helping people sell their commercial mortgage notes. The Mortgage Buyer, Inc. is universally recognized as one of the most reputable commercial note buyers in the country. If you would like to discuss your note with us call our President John A. Avenia at (800) 618-2485, or email him about selling your commercial note.

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Receive a Purchase Offer

Receive a no-cost, no-obligation purchase proposal to sell a commercial mortgage.

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Commercial Note Sale Steps

Learn about the process of completing a commercial note sale transaction.

""Hi John, Just wanted to let you know we closed the deal late yesterday afternoon as planned. The funds were transferred to our account today  9/5/2014. Thanks for an honest and easy deal. Best,"

Our Highest Price Guaranty

At The Mortgage Buyer we strive to consistently offer the best cash prices for commercial mortgage notes. We will work diligently to beat every other quote you receive for your commercial mortgage note. If we are not successful, we will send you a check for $250.00 when you close the sale with another commercial note buyer. This is our way of guarantying you receive the highest sale price when you sell your commercial mortgage note.

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Highest Price Guaranty

Our guaranty that you receive the highest sale price for your commercial mortgage.


How to Receive Top Dollar

Learn how to receive the best sale price when selling a commercial mortgage note.

"Everything went through on this end today without a hitch. Thank you very much for the fast and professional service. It was a pleasure doing business with you. If I have another note to sell, you will be the first person I contact. Highest regards,"
T. Chamberlain, Miraga, CA

Commercial Note Sale Options

As one of the nation’s most accomplished commercial note buyers we have the ability to structure the sale of your commercial note to accomplish exactly what you need it to. Our full purchase option will completely liquidate your investment, eliminate all future risk of default and produce the highest possible sale price. Our partial sale alternative allows commercial note holders to generate the specific amount cash they need by selling a portion of their monthly payments, rather than all of them. We pay for the transaction expenses, so the price we offer is the price you will receive at the closing. Email or call our President John A. Avenia at (800) 618-2485 to learn more about your commercial mortgage note sale options.

commercial note sale options

Commercial Note Sale Options

Explore the sale options available to commercial mortgage note holders.

commercial note market value

Commercial Note Market Value

Understand what defines the market value of a commercial mortgage note.

Commercial Mortgage Facts

We have over twenty years of experience as commercial mortgage note buyers. Over that time we have forged a reputation as one of the most respected commercial note buyers in the country. Our website is arguably the best resource available for creating, servicing, or selling a commercial mortgage note. If you have specific questions our President John Avenia is always happy to speak with you and ready to provide a no cost – no obligation purchase proposal for your valuable investment. Call us at (800) 618-2485 if we can help you.

selling commercial note

Commercial Note Sale Benefits

Selling a commercial mortgage note can provide important financial benefits.

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Protecting Your Commercial Note

Learn how to properly service your commercial mortgage note investment.