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Sell a Contract For Deed

If you would like to sell a contract for deed, our company can offer you a spectacular combination of the best pricing and outstanding customer service. Since 1994, The Mortgage Buyer, Inc has helped hundreds of people sell their contract for deed. Today, we are one of the most accomplished and respected contract for deed buyers in the nation.

If you decide to sell your contract for deed you will have the option to convert all, or just a portion of your payments into an immediate lump-sum of cash. There is no risk in the transaction for you because we pay all of the expenses. If you are ready to discuss selling the contract for deed you own, contact The Mortgage Buyer, or call our President John A. Avenia at (800) 618-2485. We can help you safely and securely convert your long term investment into immediate cash.

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Receive an Offer

Receive a fair market purchase proposal for your contract for deed.

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Highest Price Guarantee

We guarantee you sell your contract for deed at the highest price.

"I just wanted to let you know I signed all the paperwork at the title company. I want to thank you for all you did to make this transaction happen so smoothly. You are a true professional. Thank you."
L. Hanaway

Selling a Contract For Deed

If you are in the market to sell a contract for deed, it is important to do business with a reputable company who will put your interests first. Our company is one of the most experienced and respected contract for deed buyers in the country because we treat our customers with the respect and honesty they deserve.

At The Mortgage Buyer, Inc. we can offer you the best pricing and exceptional customer service. We will do our best to beat every purchase offer you receive. If we can't, we will send you a check for $250.00 when you close the sale at a higher price. This is our way of guaranteeing you receive the highest possible sale price for your important investment.

contract for deed market value

Contract For Deed Market Value

Learn about the factors that determine the market value of a contract for deed.

contract for deed sale

How to Receive Top Dollar

We show you how to receive the best sale price for a contract for deed.

"I’m very sorry this didn’t work out. You have been more than helpful in trying to sell this thing and I’ve been impressed with both your professionalism and kindness."
Jennifer C., West Palm Beach, FL

Contract For Deed Sale Options

When most people think about selling their contract for deed they only consider selling all of the remaining payments. Few people know that other excellent options are available. For many contract for deed holders, the option of selling only a portion of their remaining payments will provide the best results. In some situations the characteristics of the contract for deed, property or borrower make selling the entire contract impossible. In these situations, the option of selling a portion of the remaining contract payments becomes the only option available.

Contract for deed holders who sell a portion of their payments achieve the best of both worlds; the capital needed now and a valuable residual interest in the contract for future income. If you are in position to take advantage of our partial purchase option, then you should seriously consider this option. Feel free to contact us by email about selling your contract for deed, or call our President John Avenia directly at (800) 618-2485.

contract for deed sales steps

Contract For Deed Sale Steps

Learn about the steps required to sell a contract for deed.

selling contract for deed options

Contract For Deed Sale Options

Learn about the sale options available to contract for deed holders.