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Facts About Selling A Mortgage Note

With mortgage interest rates still near historical lows there may never be a better time to sell a privately held mortgage note. You see, the market value of a mortgage note is inversely related to the general interest rate environment. This means that as interest rates fall, the market value of your mortgage note increases — and as interest rates rise, the market value of your mortgage note decreases. If you believe that future interest rates are more likely to rise than fall, there will never be a better time to sell a mortgage note than now.

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Highest Price Guarantee

Our guarantee that you receive the highest price when you sell a mortgage note.

"Thank you for personally handling our difficult sale. Your attention to detail made everything go smoothly."
L. Smith, Sunset Beach, NC

How to Sell a Mortgage Note

At The Mortgage Buyer, Inc. we allow each note holder to decide what selling their mortgage note accomplishes for them. With over twenty years experience in the industry we have the ability to present multiple sale options customized specifically for each mortgage note holder. Every mortgage holder is given the opportunity to select the sale option that best accomplishes their goals. We are also extremely proud to offer our Highest Price Guarantee to everyone who contacts us about selling their mortgage note investment.

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How to Receive Top Dollar

Instructions on receiving the best sale price when you sell a mortgage note.

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Benefits of Selling a Note

People who sell their mortgage note achieve a number of important benefits.

"It was such a pleasure to work with a company like yours. I don't receive personal service like you provided in my own home town. Hope you enjoy the wine!"
S. & B. Hampton, Hermann, MO

Mortgage Note Sale Options

When most people think about selling their private mortgage investment they only think about the possibility of selling all of the remaining payments. The fact is, there are many excellent options available when selling a mortgage note. For many mortgage note holders the option of selling a portion of their remaining note payments, instead of all of them, will provide the best results. For other mortgage note holders the option of selling all of their remaining note payments will be either impossible or impractical, making a partial sale of their mortgage note the best option available.

There are many other situations when the note holder can only accomplish their goals by selling all of their remaining note payments. Selling a portion of your mortgage note payments will not liquidate your entire investment and the note payments retained will continue to be at risk of default and foreclosure. Mortgage holders who need to receive as much cash as possible from the sale, or who need to liquidate their entire investment, can only achieve those goals by selling all of the payments remaining on their mortgage note.

Email our President John Avenia to learn more about selling your mortgage note, or call him at (800) 618-2485. You'll have the opportunity to ask your questions and learn everything needed to make the choice that's right for you.

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Note Sale Options

Learn about the sale options available when selling a mortgage note.

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Note Sale Steps

Learn about the best way to sell a private mortgage note investment.