Benefits of Selling a Mortgage Note

Note holders who choose to sell their private mortgage investment achieve a number of important benefits.

  • They convert an uncertain stream of future note payments into an immediate lump sum of cash;
  • They eliminate the risk, cost and hassle of needing to foreclose on the note in the future;
  • By having cash and being liquid, they put themselves in a strong position to make a major purchase or investment;
  • They will be able to pay off credit cards and other debts that are charging a high rate of interest;
  • They won’t have to worry about the monthly payments they receive slipping away on life’s little expenses;
  • They will liquidate their note investment while interest rates are still low and the market value of their mortgage is at its highest.

Each mortgage holder will have a unique set of reasons for selling their mortgage note investment. The benefits you enjoy will be your own.