Note Sale Options

When most people think about selling their real estate note they only consider selling all of the remaining note payments. The truth is, most note holders have multiple sale options available to them and there are many situations where selling only a portion of your note payments, rather than all of them, will provide the best financial results. This is why it is important for you to know what your note sale options are and to conduct business with a company that will look out for your interests.

Full Sale Option

Our full sale option is the most popular with note holders. There are many situations where note holders can only accomplish their goals by selling all of their remaining note payments.

Partial Sale Option

For most note holders the option of selling a portion of their remaining note payments, rather than all of them, will best accomplish their goals and provide the highest total dollar return. In some situations, the characteristics of the note and/or the value of the property securing it make selling all of the remaining note payments impossible. In those situations, the note holder can still take advantage of our partial sale options to generate the cash they need.

In other situations, selling a portion of the remaining note payments is clearly the best financial option for the note holder. Our partial purchase proposals offer several significant advantages over selling all of the remaining payments due on a note.

Note holders who choose to sell a portion of their note payments achieve the best of both worlds; the capital they need and a valuable residual interest in the note for future income. If you are in position to take advantage of a partial sale of your note you should seriously consider the option.