The Market Value of a Note

The market value of an owner financed mortgage note is defined as the maximum cash price a note holder can sell it for in an active and competitive marketplace. Fortunately for note holders, an active and competitive market does exist for privately held notes. Online research will produce a large number of companies that purchase private mortgages. Of these, there are a handful of experienced and reputable companies that you have an opportunity to do business with. We recommend that note holders contact multiple note buyers before deciding who to conduct business with.

The factors that note investors consider when evaluating a note for purchase are detailed below.

Note holders exploring the option of liquidating their mortgage note should reach out to several note investors for information. A few calls should be sufficient to establish exactly what your options are. To help establish the market value of your note call The Mortgage Buyer at (800) 618-2485, contact us via email, or complete our online submission form.