Highest Price Guarantee

At The Mortgage Buyer we always strive to offer the best pricing possible to every note holder who contacts us. As experienced professionals, we recognize that other note investment companies also have the ability to offer excellent prices. The solution to this dilemma is our Highest Price Guaranty. Here is how it works:

Step 1:
After evaluating your note, we will present our best cash offer to purchase it.
Step 2:
If another investment company makes you a higher purchase offer for the note, we will match their offer and pay you an additional $250.00.
Step 3:
If for any reason we cannot pay you $250.00 more than your best offer for the note, we will write you a check for $250.00 when you close the sale with the other investment company.

Taking advantage of our Highest Price Guaranty will ensure that you receive the highest sale price possible when you sell your mortgage note investment. In instances where our initial purchase offer for your note is not the highest you receive, we will match it and beat that offer by $250.00. In the extreme case where beating another company’s offer is not possible, we will cut you a check for $250.00 when you close the sale with that company. This is our way of making sure that every note holder who contacts our company has the best possible experience and receives the best possible sale price for their important mortgage note investment.