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The Mortgage Buyer, Inc. is one of the nation’s premier private mortgage buyers. Founded in 1994, we have purchased thousands of privately held notes, mortgages, trust deeds and land contracts. Our 25-year history of doing business with honesty and integrity has made us one of the most accomplished mortgage buyers in the country.

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Highest Price Guarantee

We offer an iron-clad guarantee that you will receive the highest sale price for your note.

Why Choose The Mortgage Buyer?

Our company offers over 25-years experience as private mortgage buyers. We are A+ rated by the BBB and our Best Price Policy ensures that everyone who contacts us has an opportunity to receive the maximum sale price for their note or contract. At The Mortgage Buyer you will never receive a sales pitch, just straightforward talk and honest advice about your private mortgage investment.

John A. Avenia, The Mortgage Buyer, President

John A. Avenia, President
Toll free: (800) 618-2485

Heidi Cooper, Director of Acquisitions

Heidi Cooper, Director of Acquisitions
Toll free: (844) 999-9878

I’m very big on quality service and I can say that working with John at The Mortgage Buyer was a professional experience from start to finish. Pricing was fair and no surprises which goes a long way in making a seamless transaction possible.

PJ, Jones Equities, LLC

How to Best Sell a Mortgage Note

When you decide to sell a private mortgage, deed of trust or contract for deed, you have the option to convert all, or any portion of the future payments into cash. We invite you to contact our President John Avenia at (800) 618-2485, or Acquisition Specialist Heidi Cooper at (844) 999-9878, to speak with a seasoned professional about your privately held mortgage. John and Heidi will answer your questions, review your options and if you’d like, provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation purchase proposal.

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Note Sale Options

Learn about the sale options available when liquidating a mortgage note investment.

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Note Sale Steps

Learn about the best way to approach selling a private mortgage note investment.

We appreciate how quickly you were able to close our transaction and how honest you were to work with. At our age working with someone over the Internet was a bit scary, but we made the right choice and couldn’t be happier.

Bill & Sally G, Klamath Falls, OR

The Market Value of a Mortgage

The market value of a private mortgage is determined by a number of characteristics unique to the note and property that secures it. Because no two private mortgages are alike, each needs to be priced on an individual basis. This is why every note holder needs to thoroughly research their options and carefully select the mortgage buyer they choose to work with. Note holders who do their homework consistently achieve the best overall results.

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A Note's Market Value

Learn about the factors that determine the market value of a mortgage note.


Receive Top Dollar

Our tips on how to receive the best sale price for your mortgage note.

Please accept my heart-felt appreciation for your personal attention. I did not feel like I was in a "take a number and have a seat" kind of place. I can pay off our high interest debts, and have a bit left over for our future.

M Sanblise, Salem, OR

Learn About Owner Financing

Offering owner financing is an excellent way to attract potential buyers and sell property quickly. Using owner financing is serious business though so understanding the fundamentals is important. For legal and marketing questions, we recommend consulting qualified professionals in your area. If you have questions about creating an owner financed note or contract, we invite you to contact John Avenia at (800) 618-2485 or Heidi Cooper at (844) 999-9878. Consider us your owner financing experts.

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Owner Financing Benefits

Learn why offering owner financing is one of the best marketing tools available when selling real estate.

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Creating a Quality Note

Learn how to create a quality note and mortgage investment when offering owner financing.