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If you are searching for a mortgage deed buyer who offers twenty years of experience, the best pricing in the industry and outstanding customer service you have made an excellent find. The Mortgage Buyer, Inc. has been one of the nation’s leading mortgage deed buyers since 1994. Over our long history we have helped hundreds of mortgage deed holders sell their investment at the highest market price. Today, we are universally known as a reputable mortgage deed buyer who consistently delivers the best pricing and service. Call our President John A. Avenia at (800) 618-2485 to learn more about selling your mortgage deed and how we can help you accomplish your goals.

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"John was personal and professional from my initial contact to the final sale of my note. He explained note buying and reinforced certain points of protection for me as the seller. I felt very comfortable in my initial contact after searching online for a note buyer as his web site was direct, clear and understandable. I did review everything John explained and proposed with my own attorney and was advised he was accurate on all counts. John was very thorough and kept me updated as to the process right up to completion. I am very happy with my results and highly recommend John Avenia."
S. Piantedosi, Portland, ME

Mortgage Deed Sale Options

As one of the nation’s most accomplished mortgage deed buyers we can convert all, or just a portion of your future payments into a valuable lump sum of cash. Each of our sale options can be customized to provide you with the cash you need - when you need it. Depending on your goals, we can structure a full sale of the mortgage deed to maximize the cash sale proceeds you receive and completely liquidate the investment for you. However, you may want to also consider a partial sale of your mortgage deed to generate a specific amount of capital from the transaction now, and maintain a valuable investment in the note for future income. Regardless of your goals, we can help you efficiently accomplish them.

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Sale Options for Mortgage Deeds

Learn about the sale options mortgage deed buyers can offer you.

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Mortgage Deed Market Value

Learn what factors determine the market value of a mortgage deed.

"My grandfather had recently passed and my Grandmother needed the cash up front and didn't want the burden of holding a mortgage. The price we received was much higher than other companies. They personally helped every step of the way and made it easy for me and my Grandmother. Settlement was a breeze as well. Thanks for all of the help and a quick turnaround!"
T. Nusspickel, Garnet Valley, PA

Mortgage Deed Facts

As the mortgage deed holder you are in control of how the mortgage deed sale is structured and what it accomplishes for you. You can sell all of the remaining payments on the mortgage deed, or just portion of them if you don’t need to raise as much cash as possible. Regardless of the sale option chosen, you will have the sale proceeds in cash within three-to-four weeks. Call us at (800) 618-2485 to receive a no cost - no obligation purchase proposal for your mortgage deed, or if you prefer complete our online form to receive a confidential purchase proposal for your mortgage deed.

When you contact The Mortgage Buyer you will never receive a sales pitch or be pressured into making a decision you aren’t comfortable with. We take the time to answer your questions, let you tell us about your goals and present you with a set of purchase proposals designed to meet them.

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Mortgage Deed Sale Steps

Learn about the steps necessary to complete the sale of a mortgage deed.

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How to Receive Top Dollar

Learn how to receive the best sale price from a mortgage deed buyer.