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How to Sell a Land Contract

Are you thinking about the possibility of selling a land contract? If so, we can help you confidently and securely sell your land contract at the highest market price. The Mortgage Buyer, Inc. has been helping people sell their land contracts for over twenty years. We are here to answer your questions and help structure the sale of your land contract to meet as many of your goals as possible.

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"Everything went through on this end today without a hitch. Thank you very much for the fast and professional service. It was a pleasure doing business with you. If I have another note to sell, you will be the first person I contact. Highest regards,"
T. Chamberlain, Miraga, CA

Land Contract Sale Options

Most contract holders don’t realize they have multiple options available when considering the sale of their land contract investment. The fact is, as experienced land contract investors, we can offer you customized sale options to meet any of your needs. The most popular way to sell a land contract is our full sale option. A full sale is most popular because it completely liquidates the investment and produces the highest cash sale price. Our partial sale option gives land contract holders the chance to receive the cash they want now, while also retaining an investment in the contract for valuable future income. If your goal is to raise a specific amount of capital from the sale of your land contract, our partial sale option may produce the best overall results.

The Mortgage Buyer is available to help determine which land contract sale option will provide the best results for you. Take advantage of our vast land contract experience by emailing our President, John Avenia, or calling him at (800) 618-2485. John will give you the opportunity to ask the questions that will enable you to make a confident decision on how to best sell your land contract investment.

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Land Contract Sale Options

Explore the sale options available to land contract holders.

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Land Contract Sale Steps

Learn about the steps necessary to sell a land contract.

"Dear John, we are done. I received the wire transfer today and just wanted to thank you once again for your professional work on my note and constant interaction keeping me updated. My trust was well-placed. I would recommend you whole-heartedly. Thanks again... Snowing like crazy here!"
Cynthia, Nashua, NH

Land Contract Sale Facts

With mortgage interest rates still extremely low, there may never be a better time to sell a land contract. You see, the market value of a land contract is inversely related to the general interest rate environment. This means that as interest rates increase, the market value of a land contract falls — and as interest rates fall, the market value of a land contract will increase. It is our belief that future interest rates will eventually begin to rise, which is why we believe the value of your land contract will never be higher and there will never be a better time than now to sell it.

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